About Ledlenser

Ledlenser is a world leader in producing technologically advanced, high quality LED headlamps and torches. Designed in Germany, the products continue to revolutionise personal lighting with their incredible brightness, range and burn time.

Ledlenser's wide range of torches and headlamps means there is a model suitable for everyone. Whether you require light for peering under the bonnet of your car, or one that can light up entire hillsides, Ledlenser have got you covered. As a guarantee of their quality, Ledlenser torches and headlamps feature a 7-year extended warranty.

Wide range

Ledlenser's wide range of torches and headlamps have a model suitable for everyone.

Superior technology

Ledlenser torches and headlamps feature advanced technological features such as the patented Advanced Focus System, X Lens Technology and Smart Light Technology.

Bright and lightweight

Ledlenser torches and headlamps pump out an incredible amount of light for their weight.

7-year extended warranty

Ledlenser products have an industry-leading warranty that covers defects in manufacturing, up to 7 years. Warranty periods differ from product to product. Please check specific product pages for more info.  Find out about the warranty here and find step by step instructions for registering your Ledlenser here.

Ledlenser's technological edge

Ledlenser is the worldwide leader of LED light manufacturing with more than 200 patents and awards for design and engineering. They invest heavily in research and development and are always at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Advanced Focus System - most Ledlenser models feature the patented Advanced Focus System (AFS). This lens and reflector technology lets you choose between a broad floodlight or a sharply focused long-distance beam. The transition between the two light options is seamless.

Smart Light Technology - offers you the chance to customise your torch or headlamp with a variety of light functions and energy modes.

X Lens Technology - featured in some Ledlenser models where the output of multiple LEDs is combined into one powerful light beam.

One-handed Speed Focus - allows you to focus your torch or headlamp with only one hand.


For quick tips and answers to some of our frequently asked questions, refer to our Ledlenser FAQ page

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