About Tatonka

Tatonka is a German brand of high-quality packs, tents, outdoor accessories, luggage and travel products. Hard-wearing and tough, all Tatonka products come with a two-year warranty.

As outdoor experts, Tatonka knows that functionality is what counts in the great outdoors. Therefore, their product designs focus on what matters: lots of sensible functions and no unnecessary extras. The products are honest, functional and ready for life’s expeditions – hence the Tatonka brand slogan “Expedition Life”.

2-year warranty

Tatonka's wide range of packs, tents, outdoor accessories, luggage and travel products are all backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty.


Tatonka is a family-owned company based in the town of Dasing in Bavaria, Germany.

The Tatonka brand

Tatonka means “bison” in the language of the Sioux. The bison remains a holy animal to the native North Americans to this day. To Tatonka, it is the symbol of nature, freedom, strength and the wilderness. Tatonka's designers keep these attributes in mind when creating the range of packs, tents, outdoor accessories, luggage and travel products.

Tatonka products

Decades of outdoor experience can be found in Tatonka products. They develop, manufacture and test the products themselves – and deliver them all over the world. They then receive valuable feedback, which flows back into their product development.

Tatonka’s philosophy has always been that the consumers experience is more important than maximising profit. This is why they offer you high-quality, brand-name products that provide excellent value for money.

As a family-run business in their second generation, Tatonka can guarantee the products that carry the Tatonka name are only products that they themselves would take on an expedition.

You can rely on Tatonka products. Unconditionally. Tatonka do not outsource any aspect of production - each is made by Tatonka – from the initial idea, down to the final stitch. They stand behind their products with a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

Open Factory

Once a week, Tatonka’s production facilities in Vietnam (Mountech Co. Ltd), opens its doors. Anyone who is interested – consumers, retailers, journalists, industry specialists, NGO representatives – is welcome to visit the facility while it is in production.

The "Open Factory" helps ensures transparency in the manufacture of Tatonka products, fair and safe working conditions and social responsibility towards our colleagues – in Germany and Vietnam.

Find out more here: https://openfactory.tatonka.com/

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