About Turbopan

Turbopan is a range of gold prospecting tools for small-scale miners and hobbyists. The design of the pan is basically a circular sluice, eliminating the problem of compaction that happens in the traditional “Klondlike” pan. Turbopan doesn't require running water like a sluice, it simply maximises the effects of gravity. Its shallow depth means it can be used in puddles and troughs.

Whether you are a hobbyist out looking for a run or crevice filled with gold or gold panning for a living, Turbopan is the right piece of prospecting equipment that gets all the gold easily and quickly.


The Turbopan was designed by an Australian geologist and prospector with over 20 years experience in mineral exploration and gold prospecting. His first experience with gold pans was using traditional steel "Klondike" pans and plastic gold pans, whilst doing panned concentrate sampling surveys for alluvial and hard rock gold. Kim saw a need for a pan that would require a lot less technique, was easy for beginners to use, and could reduce a load of dirt quickly – whilst being cheap enough to be available to all budget sizes. His solution was Turbopan!

All design parameters came about from rigorous testing in troughs and in the field. Importantly, the anti-clockwise swirling motion allows the full circumference of the pan to be used for waste ejection, which is a major advantage over the traditional "Klondike" pan, which tends to crowd the waste ejection over a small arc.

Turbopan remains proudly Australian made and owned and continues to develop new prospecting accessories to compliment and complete the panning experience.