When daylight ends, it doesn’t mean your adventures have to! Make sure you have a portable lighting source you can take with you anywhere to light the way when you need it. Whether it’s a headlamp, torch or lantern you need, our comprehensive range will make sure you are never left in the dark.

Important things to consider when choosing a light:

Headlamp, torch or lantern?
Choosing between these three different portable light options can be difficult.  If you’re going to use your light mainly for camping or to light up a hut, then a lantern is a good choice. Our range includes solar powered lanterns for ultimate off-grid light, along with lanterns that can also be used as a powerbank. If you require hands free lighting, then our range of focusable headlamps should definitely have one to suit your needs, with impressive brightness, beam range and burn time along with a host of advanced technology. A torch is always a good option in personal lighting, and our comprehensive range of rechargeable and battery powered torches gives you a wide variety to choose from.

Brightness, beam range and burn time
When it comes to choosing your light, brightness and beam range are important considerations. Brightness is measured in lumens, and the higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light. Beam range gives you a measure of how far your light will extend for, while burn time gives you a measure of how long the batteries will last for before they need to be recharged or replaced. Our torches and headlamps offer you impressive brightness, range and burn times for their size, leaving you truly impressed by their performance.

Waterproof rating
An important thing to consider when choosing your personal light is whether you are going to be using it around water. If there is a chance your light will get wet, then you need to take a close look at the waterproof rating. The highest waterproof rating is IPX8, and the higher the number, the better the torch or headlamp is protected against water.