Steps to register your Ledlenser product and qualify for the warranty extension (7 years total)

Product must be registered online within 12 weeks from the purchase date to be eligible for the extended warranty. 


You will need:

7 Year Warranty Registration Card  (found within the packaging the Ledlenser product came in)
Access to the internet
Serial number of the Ledlenser product (found on the product itself)


1. On one side of the Ledlenser 7 Year Warranty Registration Card there will be a sticker with a unique QR code and website URL. There are two options - scan the QR code using a smartphone, or enter the web URL into an internet browser.  From there, you will be taken to a webpage you can start the process of registering the product. 
2. The first step is to enter the product details into the required fields: serial number (which can be found on the product itself), and the date of purchase. There is also an optional field for where the product was purchased. 
3. Once these details are entered, you need to click ‘more’ to go to the next step. 
4. The second step requires contact details to be completed: name, address, and email fields are all compulsory. There are also two tick boxes. The first box, allowing personal details to be saved and processed, is compulsory for the registration to be completed. 
5. The ‘conclude registration’ button then needs to be clicked for the details to be submitted and the registration be complete. 
6. After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email.