About High Trek

Extra contact with the earth from walking poles adds greater stability and weight distribution when embarking on physical activity.

High Trek pairs timeless Nordic design from Finland with South Pacific insight from Domex to deliver walking poles that exceed expectations for all budgets and topography.


Benefits of walking poles

Stability and Balance

Providing an extra point of contact with the ground, people using walking poles are less likely to slip or fall. A walking pole also helps to distribute some of the weight from your legs to your arms, making heavy loads easier to carry, as well as improving balance. Walking poles assist with strengthening upper body muscles like biceps and triceps while reducing stress on joints like the ankles, knees, and hips.

Two is better than one

Many people purchase a single pole, which means they miss out on the huge advantage of using a pair of walking poles. Using a pair of poles means you effectively have a third leg when tramping, reducing fatigue. This is particularly beneficial when descending a steep slope as the pressure on the knees will be reduced by around 25%. A pair of poles helps you get into a rhythm when walking, increasing your average speed. An added bonus is that a pair of poles can be used to support an emergency bivvy sheet if required.


Walking poles can assist a hiker in increasing average speed by supporting a rhythm with hands and feet working in cohesion. With each swing, arms are pushed back on the ground, propelling forward with every step. This is particularly helpful in maintaining momentum moving uphill.

Strength and Fitness

Engage upper body muscles while walking and increase overall fitness. Using a pair of poles when hiking or tramping strengthens your biceps, pectorals, and triceps.

Joint Stress Reduction

The use of a pair of walking poles can reduce stress and injury on the joints by transferring weight, and alleviating pressure on the ankles, knees, and hips. Twin poles can increase stability and balance, better serving your overall wellness.


High Trek Pole Options

Entry level poles

Providing stability and support at a welcome price point. Our four entry-level poles offer Ski and T-grip handles, with a range of key features to please those new to pole walking. Look for the Wanderer, Rambler, Quest and Peak models.

Higher tensile 7075

The mid-range poles are made of lightweight but durable 7075 aircraftgrade aluminium. Available in Twist Lock and Cam Lock models with EVA or cork grip handles and adjustable wrist straps. Look for the Odyssey and Expedition models.

Folding pole

Space-saving and travel-friendly, designed to withstand even the harshest environments using aircraftgrade aluminium. Packs down to a compact 35cm size. Can extend up to 135cm for taller users. Look for Crest or Roam (tall) models.

Lightweight pole

Our lightest model weighs just 190g, made up of 60% carbon fibre and 40% fibreglass. An elevated walking pole balancing low carry weight with high strength and excellent shock absorption. Look for the Altitude model.

Top Tier Poles

Made from 100% carbon fibre, upgrade every step. The minimal weight does not compromise strength. Offering excellent shock absorption properties, the extended EVA ski-grip absorbs sweat and minimises blisters. Look for the Summit model.