Tatonka Tents

German brand Tatonka have been making tents that have set the standard in Europe for over 20 years. Now they are available in New Zealand.

Tatonka’s packs and outdoor products have become a favourite amongst New Zealand hunters and Tatonka’s tents are designed with the same focus on providing tough, high tech and high quality products at reasonable prices. 

All Tatonka tents are fast pitching due to a “multi-pitch” setup, where the inner tent is attached to the fly sheet making it faster to pitch and take down, which is particuarly useful in bad weather. If required, the inner tent and flysheet can be separated and the flysheet and poles can be pitched to make a lightweight Bivvy. If the tent has been left up in the rain and you wish to break camp, its possible to remove the inner tent first (keeping it dry) before taking down the fly and poles. 

We have also had great feedback that compared to many competing tents, Tatonka’s interior mesh vents means that any condensation flows away from your gear, keeping it dry.

The tent floor is made of a tough 70 denier nylon, so it can withstand rough terrains. 

We offer tunnel tents in two different lines:


The Expert tents are made from materials that are particularly tear-resistant, strong, extremely durable and ultra lightweight. This range is recommended for people who hunt and tramp often. Perfect for alpine conditions as the tents can handle the extreme weather conditions that may be encountered.  

Flys are made of waterproof nylon 6 with five coats of silicone. Poles are all made of scandium (20% stronger, 30% lighter than aluminium). 

Models: Kyrkja (1 Person), Kiruna (2 person), Okisba (2 person), Orbit (3 person)


The Allround tents are light and sturdy, and are perfect for camping where space and comfort is the priority. 
Flys are made of waterproof PU coated polyester. Poles are all made of T6 aluminium. 

Models: Koli (1 person)Narvik (2 person), Narvik  (3 person), Groenland  (2 person), Groenland (3 person)


All Tatonka tents have a 2-year warranty.