About Powertraveller

Powertraveller is a UK brand of premium portable chargers that let people keep their devices charged no matter how far from civilisation they are. Powertraveller products are reliable, easy to use and charge a wide variety of technological devices.

Powertraveller has been designing, developing and manufacturing award-winning portable power and solar chargers for over 10 years. As the advancements in technology continue, they have adapted their product range based on customer feedback to ensure the best solutions for off-the-grid power. Designed to military specifications and tested in some of the toughest environments on the planet, Powertraveller products can be relied on to perform in any situation.

Charge a range of devices

Powertraveller products charge a range of devices including laptops, tablets, iPads, smart phones, cameras, GPS units and more. See individual product specs for more details.

Solar powered

Most of the Powertraveller range can be recharged using the ultimate energy source - the sun!

Rugged and robust

Designed to military specifications, Powertraveller products are built to withstand tough conditions.


Tested extensively

Powertraveller works with a range of outdoor experts to ensure their products perform well in all situations.

All products have a standard 1 year return to manufacturer warranty covering manufacturer defect. However for powergorilla and minigorilla you are required to register your product with us to secure the warranty. To do this please  email support@powertraveller.com with your name, contact number and details of your product.