Mar 7

Sam Clarke from Clarke Boys Hunting NZ has recently uploaded a great video review of the Ledlenser XEO 19R headlamp. He has been using the Ledlenser XEO 19R headlamp for over a year, and has been impressed with its performance and versatility, ‘it is a brilliant torch, we have used it for over a year now doing everything from spotlighting, pigs, possums, deer… everything.”

Sam was excited by all the features, including the two LEDS that can be focused separately, “you can adjust the toggles and the two lights individually. Go from a wide beam to focus it right in, and your spotlighting.”

The XEO 19R rechargeable battery pack is detachable, enabling the headlamp to easily change into a hand-held torch or bike light. It can also be used to charge other devices, a handy feature The Clarke Boys used in the Christchurch earthquakes to charge a mobile phone. The long burn time on the XEO 19R was also noted by The Clarke Boys, ‘if you are using one side, it can last a week’.  

The Clarke Boys overall view of the headlamp? “If you are looking for an all-round torch that can work on the farm, camping, hunting, mountain biking... this is the one to go for”.

Check out the full video review below. Note - the warranty offered by Ledlenser on this product is five years, not just one!

Find out more about the XEO 19R here. 


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