Feb 5

We’re so excited to announce the release of Ledlenser’s latest and greatest – the NEW Outdoor series.

Ledlenser’s research and development team in Germany spend lots of time looking at ways to pump more light out of torches and headlamps, and this time we think they have outdone themselves!


The brightest headlamp for its weight EVER!

The MH10 is the flagship headlamp in the Outdoor Series. With 600 lumens of brightness and a 150 metre beam range yet weighing only 158 grams, it offers the best weight to brightness ratio of all of the Ledlenser headlamps ever produced.

Not only is it lightweight and bright, it is jammed full of features including Ledlenser's patented Advanced Focus System, Smart Light Technology with 3 light functions and a rear red safety light.

Every headlamp comes with a coloured filter set so your headlamp can be adapted for a variety of uses. Ledlenser's Advanced Focus System still works with the filters, so you can have a seamless transition from floodlight to long-distance spotlight in any colour.

Being rechargeable, this headlamp not only saves you money in the long-run, but it is also good for the environment. And its USB 3.0 charging system means you can recharge your headlamp super-quick.


A torch for everyone

Within the Outdoor Series there is a torch for everyone. The MT6 is a great all-round torch, producing an impressive 600 lumens (3 x the brightness of the popular P7.2) on 3 x AA batteries. The MT10 is tiny in size (only 133mm) yet pumps out an unbelievable 1000 lumens, while the larger MT14 has a 1000 lumen output over 320 metres with a burn time of up to 192 hours.

The MT18 is a showcase of German engineering, producing a mammoth 3000 lumens of light despite its compact size.

All NEW Outdoor Series torches include Ledlenser’s patented Advanced Focus System and Smart Light Technology, and are covered by Ledlenser’s 7 year extended warranty.



The Ledlenser Outdoor Series is available NOW at selected stockists. Click here for more information.


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