Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Rave reviews for Nikwax

We have recieved rave reviews about our range of Nikwax waterproofing, cleaning and conditioning products for outdoor gear.

Rod & Rifle Magazine (Aug '17)

Tech Wash and TX Direct treatment

"As can be seen in the ‘before-and-after’ pictures, the results were dramatic. The wear areas of the shoulders and back used to quickly ‘wet out’; now they bead water and shed it off."

"I was delighted with how much better my raincoat shed the rain on the day we climbed from the rainy beech forest up over the tops, popping in and out of the cloud and rain showers. When I packed the coat away it was basically dry after a good shake; no need to get it out again to dry it. It felt better on any bare skin too, not being damp and cold, and the consequent improvement in breathability helped with comfort control on the big climb."

Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel™Nubuck & Suede Proof™ and Down Wash Direct

"Likewise my boots felt supple all week and didn’t soak up water around the worn areas. My sleeping bag kept me warm and dry, even when the 3 litre water container under the fly froze solid overnight!"

"Gear maintenance is essential to get top performance out of your investment in quality hunting equipment. I found the Nikwax products met their promises, and they really couldn’t have been easier to apply. So I’m happy to recommend that you search them out when you’re next at your favourite outdoors store – and they may even save you from needing to buy that pricey new gear, once you see how much you’ve revitalised your favourite old kit!"

NZ Outdoor Hunting Magaine (June '17)

"I had no idea that there was such a comprehensive range of outdoor gear cleaning, waterproofing and conditioning products under one brand. Nikwax practically have a product to manage every outdoor material on the market. If you like to get the most out of your expensive outdoor gear then the products offered by Nikwax are a wise investment."

"Without any scientific tests it is difficult to give you specific results but by comparing old with “old but Nikwax treated” I can say that they definitely restored at least some of the original performance qualities in all my items. I was impressed enough that I will keep an inventory of Nikwax products so that I can recondition and maintain the performance of my gear in between big trips and at the end of each season, ready to hit the ground running for the next one."


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