Tuesday, September 1, 2020

New designed H-series headlamps from Ledlenser – now Waterproof!

For the past ten years, the Ledlenser H-Series has been the category leader in the headlamp market, impressing you with their technology, brightness and beam range.

But the Ledlenser design team in Germany don’t ever rest on their laurels, so it’s with great excitement that we can now offer you the redesigned H-Series that has just been released worldwide. Why are we excited? Because Ledlenser haven’t just knocked one out of the park with this new range, they’ve raised these headlamps into the stratosphere!



In addition to a massive upgrade on key specifications such as brightness and beam range, Ledlenser’s newly developed Flex Sealing Technology means all H-Series headlamps now have a waterproof and dust rating of AT LEAST IP67. Yes, that’s right, every headlamp in the range is impervious to dust and can be immersed into up to one metre of water (for up to 30 minutes).  

Other advancements include the headlamps (with the exception of the H19R models) now featuring a wheel switch, which provides stepless dimming, while the memory function means the headlamp returns to the last brightness setting used. The whole range has also been designed with the same connecting system so an overhead strap can be easily added to all items, and for convenience the battery box can be attached either horizontally or vertically.

All the headlamps (apart from the H5 Core) are rechargeable, which is great for the environment and will save you money over the long term. Recharging is made super easy with Ledlenser’s innovative magnetic charging system.


A headlamp for everyone

Designed to have a product suitable for every headlamp user, the H-Series is split into different groups for different target markets:


The feature-packed Core headlamps are the foundation of the new range. They are ideal all-round headlamps with great value for the price to performance ratio and perfect for outdoor users.


The Work series headlamps are designed for industrial applications and come with an extra protective lens as well as a rubber cover to protect against impact and falls. The light of these lamps features a better colour rendering due to Natural Light Technology, with a CRI of 90 and a neutral white light of 4000 Kelvin. As a result, objects appear in a more natural light and make the headlamps perfect for extended use without fatigue.

 All Work headlamps come with functional accessories, such as an additional silicone strap as well as clips for attaching the headlamp to helmets.


The new H-series once again prove that Ledlenser continues to be at the cutting edge of light technology. As a guarantee of their quality, all new headlamps are backed by Ledlenser’s industry-leading 7-year extendable warranty (comprised of a 2-year standard warranty, which you can extend by 5 years by registering your product online).


To discover more about the new H-series, visit your nearest Ledlenser stockist or check out the headlamps here.