Monday, July 10, 2017

Charge gadgets faster with the upgraded Powertraveller Extreme and Powergorilla

The award winning Powertraveller range of portable chargers take the hassle out of charging all your different devices away from home. They will charge your devices no matter how far from civilisation you are! Supplied with multiple adaptors, one Powertraveller product can charge a range of different devices, removing the need to carry various chargers.

The new upgraded Powertraveller models make this even easier, with upgraded batteries resulting in faster charging of all your gadgets.  

NEW Extreme

Powertraveller Extreme batteryThe Powertraveller Extreme solar powered charger has been upgraded and now houses a massive 12,000mAh lithium battery (up from Powertraveller Extreme - Open9,000mAh), while the solar panel has been upgraded to 5 watts.

It is capable of charging both 5V and 12V devices and works with iPads/Tablets (fully charged unit will charge device 2 times), iPhones/Smart Phones (3-5 times), cameras (2-5), Sat-Navs/GPS (7-8), headlamps and more.

The upgraded solar panel which outputs 5V 1A and opens to 210° is perfect for fitting into a back pack or tent. Other improvements include the on/off sliding switch being changed to a button, and a unit that is less reflective for greater efficiency.

Housed in a rugged, waterproof casing designed to withstand knocks and spills, the extreme is an essential item in your gear bag. Find out more here.


Powergorilla – now 24,000mAh

PowergorillaThe Powergorilla has also been upgraded, now housing a massive 24,000mAh battery. It is capable of charging laptops (fully charged unit will charge device 1-2 times), iPad/tablets (3-4 times), and SLR cameras as well as smaller devices such as smartphones (6-10 charges), action cameras, GPS systems (8-10), smartwatches and headlamps.

It features a multi-voltage DC output for devices up to 24V, plus two USB outputs for 5V devices. Just select which voltage you require; 5V, 8.4V, 9.5V, 12V, 16V, 19V or 24V and the LCD screen will indicate which setting has been chosen, then connect your device and start charging. You can even daisy-chain, so whilst the Powergorilla is charging your laptop, you can charge the Powergorilla from the mains power supply, or charge your laptop and your mobile phone simultaneously.

Combine with the Powertraveller Solargorilla for a complete portable power solution. Find out more here.