Friday, July 5, 2019

Leatherman FREE – a new generation of multi-purpose tools

After 35 years of producing multitools and folding knives it’s fair to say the team at Leatherman know a thing or two about tools! But it’s what Leatherman customers knew that resulted in the NEW Leatherman FREE. The design team went back to the drawing board and looked at how customers used the tool, what they did and didn’t need in a multitool and started designing. With 35 years of fan insight and feedback incorporated into every tool, the FREE series represents a new generation of Leatherman multi-purpose tools.

With an evolved design that feels at home in your hand, the FREE incorporates the first-of-its-kind, magnetic architecture which makes it easier for you to open, handle and close the tools without using your fingernails. The magnetic internal system also reduces wear and tear, making FREE tools even more durable.

The Reviews

Respected international outdoor, technology and men’s magazines have been overwhelmingly favourable with their praise and practicality of the FREE range. Check out what some of them have to say.

Outside Magazine

“In my opinion, this is now the only series of multitools you should consider. The entire point of one of these devices is to offer convenient, versatile utility, and by so vastly improving the interface, Leatherman has pushed those two things so far forward that the P4 doesn’t just feel like a better multitool—it feels like an entirely new solution.” Wes Siler, Outside. 

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"For other Leatherman faithful, it may prove the most innovative tool since Tim Leatherman's first PST." Adam Ruggiero, Gear Junkie 

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“Leatherman practically invented multi-tools as we know them today. And for over 35 years, they’ve been designing and manufacturing the best ones in the world. And now, they’re ready to revolutionize the industry again with their new FREE collection of multi-tools” -Sean Tirman, HiConsumption

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The Range


The Leatherman range offers both full size multi-tools with the P-Series and foldable knives with the T & K Series.

The P-Series

Leatherman’s FREE P Series features revolutionary magnetic architecture that reduces friction when opening and closing tools, and will never wear out, letting you work with speed and confidence for years. 

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The T-Series

The T-Series is not just a simple folding knife - no other folding knife in the market opens and closes as smoothly as the T-Series. Additional tools transform it into a multi-purpose tool that fits conveniently in your pocket or loops to your belt.

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Leatherman tools believe in their tools and workmanship so much that they are guaranteed for 25 years. These are tools that really will last you a lifetime.