Monday, August 12, 2019

Honey Badger Knives - Quality Knives at an Exceptional Price

The biggest point of difference with Honey Badger knives is the opening and closing mechanism. The ball bearing pivot system has 18 ball bearings inside it, creating an incredibly smooth, almost frictionless motion.

The smooth mechanism means they can easily be opened with one hand, and the knives also have a liner lock so they can be closed with one hand too.

Honey Badger Knives


The knives come with a torx tool so you can customise the opening and closing tension to suit you.

“When we first saw samples of Honey Badger knives, we couldn’t believe how smooth these knives opened and closed. The ball bearing system provides an ultra-smooth one-handed opening and closing that is not often seen at this price point,” says Ben Staessens, Tight Lines sales representative.

Quality Steel Saber Grind Blade

All Honey Badger knives feature quality 8Cr12MoV stainless steel blades that have excellent cutting ability and edge retention. The knife blades have a saber grind, so are made with strength in mind, and are easy to sharpen due to the larger surface area.

Constructed for Saftey and Usability

The handle slabs are made from a Fibre Reinforced Nylon, which carries a ridged honey-comb pattern that provides a really good multi-directional grip. While light and of slim width, they are extremely tough, resistant to slipping even if wet, and fit ergonomically in the hand.

The handle slaps, choils and blade spines that contact the hands in use, are all ridged with jimping or file-work to further aid a positive grip and safe handling.

Affordable Excellence Backed by a 10-Year Warranty

With RRPs ranging between $74.99 and $89.99, these knives offer exceptional value for money What’s more, all Honey Badger knives are backed by a 10-year warranty.

“Honey Badger knives are well-balanced in the hand and offer technical features not seen at this price,” says Ben.

“Tight Lines has built our reputation on offering quality products that meet our high standards and for us, Honey Badger knives hit the bull’s eye.”