Monday, June 24, 2019

New Stealth Range from Tatonka

Stealth pack in New Zealand BushOver the past nine years, Tatonka’s reputation for quality packs has grown until it has become the pack of choice for kiwi hunters. Many New Zealand hunters have put the Bison, Tatonka’s flagship pack, to the test, and it has come through with flying colours. Tatonka are now the pack of choice for both New Zealand Hunter Adventures and The Red Stag Hunters Club TV shows.

As the quality of Tatonka has become more widely known, we have had lots of hunters ask us if Tatonka could produce a hunting-specific backpack with quiet fabric. So we teamed up with Tatonka’s pack design team in Germany to create the ultimate daypacks for New Zealand hunters.

The development process

The Stealth Series took two years to develop as we worked with Tatonka’s design team in Germany to get the pack exactly right.

As Tatonka design packs for the German military, they already had the knowledge and experience of designing harness systems that allow the user to carry heavy loads with less fatigue. The largest model, the Stealth 35+10L, is designed to carry up to 35kg in comfort with a harness system that is a mini version of the Bison’s X1 harness.

“We gave prototypes to New Zealand hunters to use and incorporated their feedback, along with using Tatonka’s decades worth of pack design expertise,“ says Ben Staessens, Tight Lines customer representative. “These packs have the same durability and comfort as the rest of the Tatonka range, and unlike competing daypacks, they are capable of carrying out decent loads.”

Key Safety Features

With safety such an important part of hunting, the Stealth backpacks have specific safety features incorporated into them. The two top models have a rifle scabbard on the side so you can keep your hands free while you are walking. There is also a removeable orange high-vis safety patch.

As a bonus safety feature, all three backpacks are also equipped with RECCO® reflectors, part of the RECCO® rescue system that helps to locate people in rescue situations.


Our initial response for the Stealth series has been overwhelmingly positive and these daypacks look set to storm the market.

“We are really proud of the result of our hard work – a pack specifically designed for New Zealand Hunters that incorporates key features people want.”

The Stealth Range

Recognizing that different hunters have different needs, we have created three different daypacks for New Zealand hunters. The models aren’t just different sized versions of the same packs, but each have individual features to tailor to a specific type of hunting.

Stealth 20 Litre

Ideal daypack for the hunter where light weight is the priority. This pack is designed to be rolled up and attached to a Tatonka Bison 75+10 or 90+10 pack.

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Stealth 20L pack


Stealth 30 Litre

A multi-purpose hunting pack that is perfect for day trips. It is designed to be able to carry 20kg in comfort, so you can easily carry the meat out if your hunting trip is successful.

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Stealth 30L Pack


Stealth 35+10 Litre

Capable of carrying up to 35kg in comfort, this pack is perfect for the roar and meat harvesting trips. The decent sized front pockets mean you can move all of your gear into the front pockets and use the main compartment for meat storage when required. It is specifically designed so the pack can be laid flat and the space between the front pockets can be used as a shooting rest.

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Stealth 35 + 10L Pack


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