Monday, June 3, 2019

The Ledlenser MH11 – A Technological Marvel

Just when you were wondering what was left for Ledlenser to invent in the world of torches and headlamps, they’ve released the MH11, the flagship headlamp for their new outdoor series. The key standout of this new headlamp is the fact it is fully customMH11 Side Viewisable via the ‘Ledlenser connect’ app, so your customers can decide exactly what light settings they want to access when pressing the button on the headlamp.

Add all this intelligence to the other features – Advanced Focus System, Smart Light Technology, red, blue and green light options, 7-year extended warranty plus 1000 lumens of light over 320 metres – and you’ll realise this is a headlamp that stands apart from all others.

Fully Customisable

“The great thing about this headlamp is that it is fully customisable to make things really simple for the user,” says Neil Sutherland, Tight Lines sales rep. “The Ledlenser connect app is really user-friendly and allows you to set up what light options you want to access.”

MH11 Front ViewWhile you can easily use the headlamp in the standard default mode it comes in, the whole idea of the 'Ledlenser connect' app is your phone can connect via bluetooth with the headlamp so you can decide what light settings you want to be easily available.You can choose to set your headlamp up with light requirements you need for your trip. For instance, if you want the first press of the button to give you 100% full power, the second to give 50% power and the third to give red light, you can program your headlamp to do exactly that.

There are up to six light settings you can customise to whatever combinations work for you.“This is Ledlenser’s first headlamp where you can have direct control of what combination of light options you want to use.”

Other Superior Features

MH11 Headlamp Angle ViewOf course, the MH11 headlamp still offers all the other features that make Ledlenser the market leader. With 1000 lumens of power and a 320 metre beam range, it blows the specs of most other headlamps out of the water. It has Ledlenser’s Advanced Focus System and Smart Light Technology, and also offers red, blue and green light options.

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