Friday, December 14, 2018

Rave reviews of the HydraPak hydration range


Stow bottle
“I absolutely rate the Stow bottle for not just hunting and hiking but any outdoor activities that require a drink. I will use the bottle for many things whether it be walking, biking, motocross riding or heading up the mountain in the winter. I will gladly take this bottle in for long bush stays as it was a dream to pack and carry.” – Desiree Parker-Munn, NZ Outdoor Hunting magazine








“This is a super smart idea for those going ultra-light backcountry these days, with the Stash bottle 50% lighter than a comparable hard bottle. It’s also awesome for hunters who want stealth on their side while stalking – you can squeeze air out of it when partly full to stop any sloshing sound, and the flexible but durable construction will prevent it making a racket in your pack too!” – Hamish Carnachan, Fish & Game magazine







Full Force“The Full Force 2L reservoir is a hydration system equipped with an amazing (and ingeniously engineered) squeeze bulb that can literally hose water out at an incredible pressure, whether it’s to douse yourself to cool off after a long hike to your fishing possie, cleaning mud and gunk off your gear or sand out of your reel, or even giving the dog a drink when away from a water source.

“What I like about this hydration pack is its durability – it just feels solid, dependable, and well built without adding any weight. I love the fact that HydraPak products don’t leak too! It also comes with a kick-butt beyond lifetime guarantee.” – Hamish Carnachan, Fish & Game magazine


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