Monday, July 16, 2018

Bison 60+10 Women review from Emma Curley (The Hunters Club)

Tatonka Bison Women













"Recently I was lucky enough to hit the southern alps for a 5 day hunting trip in some very unforgiving terrain. The pack I used for this trip was a Tatonka Bison 60+10 Women specifically designed for the female form

This pack had everything I needed for such a long trip away with no base hut just tents in the late autumn Nz weather.  If you pack strategically and make the most of the separate compartments it makes life very easy.

Emma Curley, The Hunters Club

On departure I had about 15kgs worth of gear, but having picked up some additional weight due to a successful hunt I carried over 20kgs on my back comfortably on our last evening back to camp. I was very happy with how it sat on my body even with additional weight.

My tip to anyone buying this pack is spend time(in front of a mirror) when you initially buy it and get it fitting properly from the get go.

It has a very advanced adjustment system so you can tweak it exactly to your body shape. When adjusting its worth loading up with some weight (I used a load of books from my bookshelf) as an empty pack sits very differently to a full 5 day excursion pack!

I would definitely recommend this pack to any females who enjoy getting out on the hills for adventures.

Big thumbs up" - Emma Curley, The Hunters Club


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