Thursday, March 29, 2018

Wildo Campware Review from NZ Outdoor Hunting Mag

We recently recieved a great review of Wildo Campware from NZ Outdoor Hunting Magazine. 

Some of the highlights of this review included:

"What’s the verdict? Wildo have clearly put a great deal of effort into creating a solid, lightweight and versatile range of eating accessories. It is durable and stands up to all my crazy moments of overstuffing everything and anything into my pack! The seven-piece Camp-a-Box Complete is all that two mates need to take on their trip... No nasty after-taste of plastic and your meals stay warmer for longer than standard stainless-steel plates. Yes, the developers have sure got it right - Wildo campware is made to be trusted, anywhere and everywhere!"

"Compactness. The Camp-a-Box kits compact well and do not take up a great deal of room in your pack. What I absolutely loved and can’t speak highly enough of is the foldable cup they have. That has become the first thing I remember to pack in my kit."

See the full review below!