Friday, January 12, 2018

Introducing the NEW Ledlenser P-Series torches

Ledlenser have recently relaunched their flagship P-Series with a number of models now featuring increased brightness and range. As many of these torches are now in their third generation, for simplicity Ledlenser have reverted back to the original names. e.g. NEW P7 is an upgraded version of the P7.2.


What upgrades should you pay particular attention to? 


Ledlenser P5R

Upgraded version of the P5R.2, now with increased brightness (420 lumens compared to 270 lumens previously) and beam range (240m compared to 50m).

There's also been a price drop - RRP price now $199.99



Ledlenser P7

The latest version of this popular torch has been further improved with a massive 450 lumens (compared to 320 lumens of the previous P7.2 model) and a beam range of 300m (compared to 260m previously). 
RRP $169.99



Ledlenser P14

The latest P14 model from Ledlenser has been further improved with a massive 800 lumens (compared to 350 lumens of the previous P14.2 model) and a beam range of 350m (compared to 270m previously) to turn night into day.

RRP $198.99


Ledlenser P17

The P17 is a large torch with a long burn time of up to 300 hours due to running on 3 x D cell batteries. The brightness of the boost mode has had a massive upgrade from 450 lumens to 1000 lumens compared to the previous model.
RRP $234.00


Other upgrades include the P3R, P5 and P6.