Tuesday, October 24, 2017

40,000+ Luci lights allocated to disaster relief

When a natural disaster hits, one of the first things that is often lost is power. For the survivors, not having a source of light at night can be a distressing experience. Luckily, being solar powered, Luci lanterns are the perfect light source in emergency situations. That is why Mpowered, the company behind Luci, have stepped in to help out the survivors of recent major storms.

Luci lanterns already have a programme called ‘Give Luci’, where Luci lanterns are donated to people who live in countries without reliable electricity networks. In the last few months, all lights purchased through the Give Luci programme have gone to those affected by the hurricanes and other natural disasters. Over 35,000 Luci EMRG solar lights have been distributed in the hardest hit areas where power will take quite some time to restore and this number is still growing.

The first shipment of Luci lights sent out was made up of the 10% of all Give Luci light purchases that Mpowered (the company behind Luci lanterns) had already set aside for natural disasters. Luci lights fulfil a specific need for those affected by natural disasters, enabling survivors of storms to feel a sense of security while striving to bring about some normalcy.

One of The Salvation Army’s employees reported while distributing a light to a survivor in Aransas Pass, a recipient commented “it will make my children so happy.  They are afraid of the dark and we don’t know when we will have power again”.  The children promptly provided smiles knowing they would be able to sleep with a “night light” that evening. The past months have brought an unprecedented barrage of natural disasters, displacing millions of families from their homes around the world. Mpowered believes that in the face of global challenges, companies have a responsibility to step up and face them head on, participating in the recovery process and using their platform to connect one another.

When you choose a Luci lantern you are not only preparing for any situation where power may be lost to your community, but you can also feel content in the knowledge that you are purchasing from a company that gives back to struggling communities across the world. View the range here.