Tatonka Kettle (Billy) - stainless steel

Tatonka Kettle (Billy)

A billy set made up of a pot and pan, which can be used as a saucepan lid or even as a plate. This makes it a lightweight complete set than can be packed away without taking up too much space. Made of 18/8 stainless steel.

Two-year warranty

Description RRP Pan weight Pan dimensions Pot weight Pot dimensions
1.0L $39.99 130g 14.5cm Ø x 4cm H 210g 13.5cm Ø x 8cm H
1.6L $49.99 17g 17.5cm Ø x 4cm H 290g 16.5cm Ø x 9cm H
2.5L $54.99 210g 20cm Ø x 4cm H 385g 19.5cm Ø x 10cm H