Check In RFID B

Document wallet with integrated read protection. The new RFID technology is advancing: data stored electronically on RFID chips that are used, for instance, on debit and credit cards, mobile phones, passports and ID cards, are read quickly and without physical contact using remote technology. However, this also attracts criminal interest, so you should protect any of your documents and devices that have this feature. The CRYPTALLOY foil in the Check In RFID B blocks these radio waves, making data theft impossible.

Check In RFID B can be worn over the shoulder or attached to a belt. Two zips provide access to the large main compartment. Under the lid are various zip-up pockets for all the various little odds and ends you need when travelling.

Two-year warranty

Description RRP
black $76.99


  • Detachable, size adjustable carrying strap
  • Handle
  • Zippered pocket integrated in the lid
  • Flap locked with quick-release buckle
  • Main compartment with internal zippered pocket
  • Organiser with zipper pocket underneath flap
  • Universal belt loop at back
  • CRYPTALLOY - RFID scan protection
Weight 180g
Dimensions 21 x 15 x 7cm
Material T-Square Rip/ CRYPTALLOY® RFID foil