Masters Summit Light (Green) Trekking Pole -

Masters Summit Light (Green) Trekking Pole

The mainstay of the Masters collection, the Summit Light Green is for the enthusiastic tramper, outdoor enthusiasts and everyday use.

Assembled with Masters Palmo grip and light strap with minimal buckle. Folds down to 95cm and is easy for you to pop into your backpack, bag or boot. Equipped with Tip-Top system for replacing the basket and carbide tip.

Designed in three sections in AluTech 7075 16mm, 14mm, and 12mm, inner blocking system with BS expander in DuPont® plastics to guarantee maximum endurance to all the temperatures.

Description RRP
Masters Summit Light (Green) Trekking Pole $79.99


  • Automatic Stop System: By using a unique patented Automatic Stop mechanism, this strap ensures safety and performance. In case of falls, the strap automatically unlocks, freeing the hand and avoiding possible injuries to the wrist.
  • BS Blocking System: The red pin represents the distinctive feature of BS “Blocking System”. Produced with plastics Du-Pont®, it assures its performances for a long time at high and low temperatures.
  • TIP-TOP System: Top basket: to insert it, you only need to move it to the end of the guide ride on the support, securing it with an anticlockwise twist. To remove it, you simply fold the three flaps downwards simultaneously and twist the basket clockwise until it is released from the TIP support guides.


AluTech 7075




61m closed – 135cm maximum extension (110cm the minimum)

Comes with:

Mud basket 85mm