When you’re working in explosive environments, you need equipment that offers the highest level of safety available. That’s why we’re excited to present Ledlenser’s EX series torches and headlamps. Certified under ATEX and IECEx guidelines, they have been specially developed for contact with explosive gases, vapours, and dust in the most severe groups of IIC and IIIC.

The EX series is intended for use in Zone 0/20 or Zone 1/21.



All Ledlenser products in the Ex series headlamp and torches are suitable for gas groups IIA, B or C (up to T4) and dust groups IIIA, B or C (up to T135°C).



As these products are designed and certified to be used in potentially explosive situations, please be careful about reading and interpreting the information above. Ultimately the suitability of Ledlenser ATEX Light for a potentially explosive environment(s) must be made by the end user.

As such, we suggest retailers allow the end customer to decide which product is suitable for their needs (e.g. what zone the product needs to be specified as safe for) rather than making recommendations. Each product is clearly marked with what zone it is suitable for.