ToughShield Gloves

Waterproof slash-resistant glove with elongated dots on the palm that offer superb grip control. Suitable for a range of applications such as industry, firefighting, military and police as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to avoid possible mechanical or heat injuries.

Description RRP UK CM
DexShell ToughShield Gloves #S $99.99 7-8 18-20
DexShell ToughShield Gloves #M $99.99 8 20-23
  • 100% Waterproof Keeps your hands completely warm and dry
  • Breathable Wicks sweat away from your hands
  • Close-fitting Fits snugly and comfortably
  • Anti-bacterial Prevents bacteria-generated odours

Outer Shell Construction

65% Para-aramid (Kevlar type)
15% Spun steel
8% Elastane
12% Elastics


Waterproof breathable Porelle membranes, completely waterproof, highly breathable, protective against weak acids, chemicals, and hazardous fluids etc.

Inner Glove

80% Coolmax FX yarns
8% Nylon
2% Spandex
10% Elastics