Powertraveller Solargorilla

The solargorilla is a tough, durable solar panel with both 20V DC and 5V USB outputs which are capable of charging netbooks, tablets, SLR cameras, smartphones, GPS systems and much more.

Its water-resistant casing means it can withstand water splashes/light rain and the clam-shell design protects the panels when not in use, also making it incredibly compact.

Charges most laptop and notebook brands, including Panasonic, Sony, Lenovo and Samsung via the included tips.

Combine with the powergorilla for the complete portable power solution.

Description RRP
powertraveller solargorilla $439.99

Works with

  • Laptops/Netbooks (40w and under)
  • iPads/Tablets
  • iPhones/Smartphones
  • Sat-Navs/GPS systems
  • GoPro
  • Sat Phone
  • Smartwatch


  • Green LED charging indicator
  • Maximum power point tracker (MPPT) technology
  • Tough, rugged casing
  • Water resistant

In the box

  • Solargorilla portable solar charger
  • 8 laptop/netbook tips
  • 9 mobile device tips
  • DC extension cable
  • USB connection cable
  • In-car charging socket
  • Velcro strap
  • Neoprene travel case
Weight 700g
Dimensions 264 L x 200 H x 19mm W
Output voltage 20V (DC) and 5V 2A (USB)
Solar panel 10W