Ledlenser MH11 Rechargeable Headlamp

Set up your headlamp exactly how you want it using an app on your phone!

The ‘Ledlenser Connect’ app makes customising your headlamp incredibly simple and straightforward. With Bluetooth connection, YOU get to decide exactly what light settings you want to access when pressing the buttons on your headlamp.

Add all this intelligence to the other features; rechargeable, Advanced Focus System, red, blue and green light options, 7 year extended warranty plus 1000 lumens of light over 320 metres – this is a headlamp that stands apart from all the rest.

Comes with: 1 x battery pack, magnetic charge system and transport pouch.

This product is covered by a 5-year standard warranty, which can be extended to 7 years by registering the product.

Description RRP
grey $349.99
black/orange $349.99
  • Smart Light Technology (SLT) Offers 7 light functions (boost, high, low, pulse, blink, S.O.S, strobe) and 2 energy modes (constant light & energy saving)
  • Advanced Focus System Allows easy changing between broad floodlight and focused long distance beam
  • Rechargeable Better for the environment
  • Tiltable headlamp Stepless pivoting mechanism for aligning the light beam down and up
  • Optisense technology Automatic adjustment to lighting conditions
  • Innovative mounting system For easily separating the lamp unit from the holder for maximum flexibility
  • Bluetooth smartphone connection To personalise settings, timer, etc.
  • Multi-colour LED Offers the option of red, green or blue light for use when fishing or hunting
  • Energy status indicator Low battery warning + charge indicator
  • Temperature control system Cools the light down so it never overheats
  • Detachable, washable headband Made from high quality material that absorbs sweat, is comfortable to wear and soft against your skin
  • Transport lock Prevents the light from being switched on by accident
Brightness (Boost) 1000 lumens
Brightness (High) 750 lumens
Brightness (Mid) 300 lumens
Brightness (Low) 10 lumens
Beam range (Boost) 320m
Beam range (High) 300m
Beam range (Mid) 200m
Beam range (Low) 30m
Burn time (High) 4 hours
Burn time (Mid) 8 hours
Burn time (Low) 100 hours
Water/ Dust resistance IP54
Weight (incl. batteries) 179g
Battery Li-ion 3.7V rechargeable (included)
SLT light functions Low, Medium, High, Boost, Blink, S.O.S, Strobe