About Dock & Bay Towels

Dock & Bay's beach, active and travel towels give you everything you want in a towel. Made from microfibre, they are lightweight and absorbent, yet dry extra quick. They produce the largest microfibre towels available and the range includes the world’s first round microfibre towel.

The built-in elastic hook makes them easy to hang up and the stylish cotton bag provides easy storage. On top of all the features, the eye catching colours mean the towels and bags look great wherever you take them.

Absorbs more and dries faster

A Dock & Bay microfibre towel can absorb over twice its own weight and dries up to 3 times faster than cotton.

Sand shakes off!

Unlike normal towel sand does not stick to Dock & Bay Microfibre towels, but shakes right off, meaning you don't have to dry yourself with a scratchy sandy towel or take sand home with you!

Compact and convenient

Dock & Bay towels weigh 50% less than cotton towels and take up 45% less room. You can easily fit 4 or 5 in your bag at once.

Soft and luxurious

Made from 220gsm microfibre, Dock & Bay towels are thicker, more plush and of a higher quality than standard microfibre towels.

Eye-catching and practical

Coming in a range of bright colours, the towels feature built-in elastic hooks that make them easy to hang. A storage bag is provided for convenience.

The story behind Dock & Bay

Dock & Bay towels are the result of the entrepreneurial dreams of two people. As a traveller, Andy found normal cotton beach towels took up too much room in his bag. Benno loved the beach and used a lightweight microfibre towel for convenience, but always found them too small and dull.

When Andy (a Brit) and Benno (an Aussie) became friends in London, their ideas came together. The concept was simple - they wanted to produce lightweight towels that were easy to pack, but where you didn't have to compromise on size or style.

Being travellers themselves, Andy and Benno paid close attention to getting the details right, such as including a built-in elastic hook which makes the towels easy to hang. The feedback from customers about their Dock & Bay range has been overwhelmingly positive and Andy and Benno continue to invent new products.

Beach Towels Reinvented

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